I mostly work for public sector organisations on challenges related to copyright and/or information management. Additionally I give trainings on copyright for the public sector. Below you can find an overview of some of my clients of IP Squared in the past years.

Het Nieuwe Instituut (2021)

I help the Netherlands largest architectural archive to published their digitised collection as Linked Open Data. Both looking at the information structure and the legal requirements.

Kennisnet (2020)

I did a legal check on several publications on copyright for the Dutch educational sector. Including subjects like licensing, open educational resources and introductory texts on copyright. (2020)

Public Space is run by my former colleague Paul Keller. Together we revisited a project we launched together on exceptions and limitations in the European Copyright Framework on I completely redid the data architecture and updated the map interface. The new version is set to launch in 2021.

KVAN (2020 – )

I am the copyright coordinator for KVAN, The branche association for archives and archive professionals in the Netherlands. I write publications on copyright and the archive sector.

Ministère de la Culture, Luxembourg (2018 -)

I coordinate activities of the Luxembourg Network for Digital Cultural Heritage together with Maarten Brinkerink of Digitaal Werktuig. This work includes developing guidelines on copyright and publishing digital heritage and developing a centralised infrastructure for authority files for all eight national heritage institutions.

Universiteit Leiden (2019)

I have developed a guideline for improving the quality for rights information for the University Libraries of the University of Leiden.

The Greenland (2019)

I worked on a study on the impact of heritage for a new national law on the environment.

Swedish National Heritage Board (2019)

I did a study on feeding back structured information from Wikipedia’s image repository (Wikimedia Commons) to heritage institutions.

Kennisland (2018)

I wrote legal guidelines on publishing heritage information. I also provided training on intellectual property for a pan-european project that Kennisland participated in.