IP2 provides strategic information advice. IP2 provides both services traditionally found with Information Professionals and Intellectual Property lawyers for the public sector.

Information Professional

  • Information management
  • Knowledge management
  • Guidance on open data and open government
  • Technology guidance
  • Project management

Intellectual Property

  • Training on copyright and related rights
  • Architecture and development of legal technologies
  • Legal scholarly research
  • Creative commons licensing

IP2 is specialised in projects around access to information, knowledge and culture. IP2 works for public institutions like (local) governments and heritage institutions on issues surrounding intellectual property. IP2 is wholly owned by Maarten Zeinstra.

Maarten Zeinstra

Maarten Zeinstra (LL.M. M.Sc.) is a law scholar and philosopher of technology. Maarten works as a researcher, advisor and information architect with a focus on intellectual property and culture. He writes policy papers, gives workshops and guides technological projects on improving access to archives, knowledge and information.

For a full portfolio of Maarten’s work go to mzeinstra.nl.